The Chesapeake Semester

Last semester, from August until December, I was a part of the Chesapeake Semester at Washington College. This was one of the most incredible experiences, and by far the most fun, adventure packed, and educationally rich semesters of schooling I have ever had. From circumnavigating the Chesapeake Watershed learning all there is to know about the area, along with a life changing adventure to Peru for comparative study, this semester long course was everything I had hoped it would be and more. Aside from embarking on a grand journey to gain knowledge and experience, I found myself on a spiritual journey of self discovery and personal growth. The path I am on has taken many sharp turns and from my experience traveling and learning with some wonderful people that helped me find my way I grew as a person, and that is something very special.

Had I not been a part of the Chesapeake Semester, these opportunities would not have come to me in the way they did. My interest in water and the future of other natural resources truly skyrocketed in the fall and I am now pursuing this water research as a stepping stone for my senior thesis. When I completed the program I realized it was the end of something great, but the beginning of something much greater.

This summer, I am doing this course called the Southwest Seminar: Cultures and Environments of the Four Corners. Following this two week adventure around the Southwest, I will be working as a Site Engineering Technician in Miami, Florida on the Miami Harbor Deepening Project with Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company. After a 6 week internship period I am off to Puget Sound to do a course through the Coastal Heritage Alliance and the Center for Environment and Society at Washington College studying the Puget sound watershed while living aboard a 65ft former Salmon fishing vessel called the ‘Commencement’. The year of 2013 came and went with many lessons along the way. I am about to embark on the great odyssey of 2014.



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