Southwest Seminar: Cultures and Environments of the Four Corners May 29th – June12th, 2014

This Summer from May 29th-June 12th, I took part in an experience dedicated to learning about the many different cultures and environments of the four corners region of the United States. With 10 other students who are good friends of mine and with two great Professors, we set off to discover the real America. In two weeks we covered thousands of miles going to each state in the four corners. In the posts to follow I will be writing about my experiences in the Southwest. To give an outline of our journey, we began our trip in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and from there traveled to many places including Chaco Canyon, NM, Durango, CO, Silverton, CO, Mesa Verde, CO, Flagstaff, AZ, Navajo Nation, Supai, AZ, Bluff, UT, San Juan, UT, Santa Fe, NM, and a few places in between.



Through this journey I learned about the geology of the dramatic landscapes and of the beautiful hearts and strong spirits of the great people who were here long before Europeans made contact. I also learned a great deal about myself from reflecting on the earth and basking in the sunlight of the big sky country. This experience wasn’t all studious and scholarly as you might think, that is, we had a great time and reflected and embellished upon what we had studied prior to the trip. Some of the places we went were out of this world, the beautiful Havasu Falls in Supai, AZ, a tributary to the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. Or the surreal alcove dwellings of the Pueblo people like Mesa Verde. Following this entry will be the story of these two weeks, and from there my story continues, as I have found myself working in Miami Florida on the mighty Dredge Texas for Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company. This project is the deepening of the Miami harbor channel, on of the busiest ports in the world, but we will get to that. Thanks for reading!





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