Thoughts: the Mind, the Media, and the Manifest

This is a generalized trans-generational ramble with no scholarly significance or reference to folklore, from a nomad currently tracking the daily grind of a monster digging up the ocean floor. A train of thought that ran off the track, within a man standing on the sea with the wind to his back.

Audience unknown, I stand before you as a digital media immigrant, typing words onto an empty screen, this virtual throne, freedom of speech is just a sentiment, it rhymes so it must be known, use your brain, your brain is all you own.

With the most powerful asset in the animal kingdom between the eyes, we still find ourselves obsessing over currency and the notion of freedom in disguise. I’m talking to you, you meddling kids, take your eyes out of that screen and look at what is.

You’ve been domesticated by a system in place to produce consumers that can be subsequently procreated in space. Now you can’t have a vocal conversation because all you do is type words at each other, the supposed “future of a nation” and inheritors of the Earth for what its worth.


Think about when you were younger and you didn’t flood your mind with so much brain fattening media and entertainment, stare at a screen to avoid human interaction and social lament, look around at the world and you seem impatient, ignoring that which has been tugging at your shoestring everywhere you have been and everywhere you went, but you don’t have the time to stop and tie it up because it wouldn’t be time well spent.


If you want to read my two cents, I’m surprised you read this far, with all other things you could be doing I feel like a star. When asked if there is one thing I can’t stand, I’d probably say 21st century digital children with their heads in the sand, stuck trying to look at their own hand through a glass mirror. Your life, your existence, where do you stand?


The way things once were whenever they will never be again, for better or worse and forever we have bestowed upon ourselves a curse, a curse of disillusionment in a world of clarity, a curse of virtual representations of self as the new reality, living in the 21st century of endless opportunity the rich get richer and the poor live off the middle man’s taxation capacity, while streets are too loud to ever hear freedom ring, you ask me for a dollar, and I was about to ask you the same thing.


Next time you are looking at a screen to murder some time, think about the nature of our being what it means to be sublime – of such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe. That is what we can be if we set ourselves free, that’s what the world is  has always been from the mountains to the sea, live your life with eyes that see, feel the earth below your feet, listen to the wind in the trees, and be thankful for everything.


Thoughts on the Empire



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