Then, Now, Forever

“You are preoccupied with time; we have been here since last week, tomorrow, and forever.”

Prior to our journey to San Juan River, the crew and I made a visit to the center of the Navajo Nation Reservation. On this hollowed land we met with Will, a Navajo orthodox or the Native American Church with traditional beliefs and customs yet a refined contemporary attitude toward spirituality in the complex world of the 21st century. He believed that in a world consumed by media one much come to terms with the reality but find time and space for introspection and reflection on the natural world that thrives and dies beyond the commercial realm.

Will showed us how to properly introduce ourselves; in the case of the Navajo it would be giving ones name, what tribe the are a part of, where they came from/where they grew up, the names of grandparents and parents, what they do for a living, and whatever else they wish to include about themselves like their interests, what they do for fun etc. For everyone else the introduction is similar, but for the most part the tribe affiliation is not applicable. We went around the circle, each introduction taking at least one minute which seemed inadequate compared to Will’s lineage and history imbedded within his person.

After our introductions, I feel like in that short time I had gotten to know everyone in the group a little better than before and vice versa. Will then proceeded to show us a very special part of his homeland, where the holy ones lived. In the center of the Navajo Universe, an area between four mountains and spanning into all the Four Corner states, lies the ancient ruins of the first Navajo People. The Holy Ones, the sacred forefathers of the Navajo had been in this place infinitely and indefinitely. How you ask? well when I asked Will how long the Navajo had been there he replied:

“You are preoccupied with time; we have been here since last week, since tomorrow, and forever in time.”

This way of understanding the nature of time was familiar to me because I had heard it from a spiritual medium and dear friend before departing from Baltimore for this Adventure in the Southwest. She had channeled my spiritual advisors and they told her of my past lives and what my soul has been through before entering the world again in the form of yours truly. I asked how could that be? She replied with an eerily similar answer I later received from Will the Navajo:

We are told time is linear, and each moment that passes is immediately gone. Time is not linear, from moment to moment. Rather, the past, the present, and the future are all one within one entity. Time is a circle of continuous existence. Whatever was continues to be, whatever is has always been, and what will be in the future is forever before us and behind. Time is the grandest of illusions, as is death.

To be continued



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