What happened next? Recap 2014, moving on up

It has been over a year since I last wrote in this blog. A lot has happened since then so here is a recap:

Summer 2014 

After the glorious southwest trip (in previous blogs), I came aboard as a Site Engineering intern on the Miami Harbor Channel Deepening Project. This was one of the largest dredging/earth moving projects in our nations history. The purpose was to deepen the harbor from ~45 to 52 ft. to allow access for the deeper draft of immense cargo ships coming from the Panama Canal.

The project was an eye opening experience, a clash of economy vs.ecology, as Miami became the first deep water port on the east coast, but compromised the local coral reef and sea grass habitats.

It made me question the value we place on the natural world against the value of profits and financial gains. I came on board with this company to help the natural world through cleaning contaminated rivers, building beaches to protect the coast, and improving the nations waterways.

Yet here I was on a mammoth dredge digging into the sea floor, plowing through anything, living or non living, in its path. Of course there were environmental regulation, but there was still immediate environmental degradation. Anyway, it was an excellent learning experience.

I took a week off and went to Chautauqua, NY, where my mom was living at the time. home of the renowned Chautauqua Institution, I spent a week engaging my mind with philosophical talks, music performances, and incredible works of art. We spent time on the beautiful lake Chautauqua, and saw family and friends in an amazing part of upstate New York.

I then went back and finished the internship in Miami and flew out to Tacoma, Washington to start an adventure around Puget Sound!

Pacific Northwest

For 3 weeks we traveled up the Sound via the Commencement, a 62 ft retired Salmon boat converted into a livable ship. We spent our days fishing/crabbing, meeting people, learning about the history and cultures of the region, taking in the wilderness and wildlife including pods of Orcas in the San Juan Straits, and explored all over the incredible Puget Sound, taking in all the region has to offer.

The trip ended back in Tacoma, and when the crew and I went up to the airport, they all flew home and instead I took the train up to Seattle where I met up with some dear friends from Baltimore and Doha. We went to Hemp Fest, an annual celebration of the incredibly useful Industrial Hemp and recreational and medically magnificent Cannabis. After spending the weekend exploring Seattle and reuniting with some great friends, I took the bus to Vancouver where I met up with my friend Sebby! In Vancouver, we took in the beautiful city and made our way to Whistler where we camped out with a group of his great pals on a mountain lake, which was a fun time!

The summer of 2014 was coming to a close and it was time for me to head back to Washington College for my Junior year. Over the course of the summer I traveled from the Northeast in Baltimore, MD, all over the Southwest, onto Miami,FL, to the Great White North in Chautauqua, and to the Pacific Northwest where by water I traveled the incredible Puget Sound and San Juan Islands. Capping off the summer in Seattle and Vancouver, I made my way back to College two days before classes started!

This was a short, but necessary recap of the fantastic summer of 2014. As I write this in 2016, I look back on what has happened the past few years, and I am excited to share it on my humble blog. For all those who wander are not lost….





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